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News Update: 09/23/10

Well hello there,

As I am sure many of you have noticed there hasn’t been any activity from in the Halo machinima aspect of Celtichorn Productions. This has mainly been due to a lack of free time, and other film productions I am working on for some friends, unfortunately right now its hard to find the time to actually machinimate the sequences of film need for making a decent looking film ( I say decent because I don’t really my consider my filming skills quite more than passable).

However, I will say that I have scripts written, new ideas, and even a HG Halolympics obstacle course just sitting on my hard drive waiting to be used. I do see small breaks in the future where I should have some time to work on some stuff, and hopefully present it before the end of the year (as if people still care :P) and should have a new episode of HG Kill-A-Thon following the new transition to Halo: Reach (which is amazing) and hopefully a new episode of HGvsDT. I definitely want to finish the story for those few people who have been really super awesome and have asked to know what happens. I give you a lot of credit for putting up with it and actually wanting to see the end, but even if it is those few people, they are definitely worth wrapping it up which would be about another four-five more episodes.

Hopefully this explains the hiatus, now back to hours of Halo:Reach

-Pat (Celtichorn/Caranyx)

P.S. Nothing is for sure yet, but I might actually have a important announcement to make for Celtichorn Productions. If your interested in all my shenanigans make sure you keep an eye on my posts for the next few weeks.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

News update:

Hello all,

If you haven't already noticed the Honor Guard Halolympics, Killathon and the HGvsDT series are on a small hiatus. I made a small video explaining what is up with that and one of the major reasons for the lack of updates, you can view it here

Long story short, my xbox had a heart attack when I was downloading some vids and I lost a lot of stored information. I spent about a month and a half trying to get some of the information back but it appears to be a lost cause. So if you entered into the fifth installment of the HG Halolympics there is a 90% chance that I lost your vid and will need you to resubmit your time if you still want to participate. I will send out notes to those who's videos I still have, so if you don't receive a messege from me there is a good chance I don't have your vid.

Now onto some better news! Reticent Soul, the music behind the videos of all the HGvsDT universe is releasing his lastest album "Genesis Eve" July 2010. I am super excited by this as his music always inspires me to go beyond what I would normally do as a machinimator. (Which is good because I don't consider myself much of one to begin with lol) So if your interested in his work, or would just like to congratulate this gentleman, please refer to his link on the side of this page and befriend him on myspace. You can also look forward on how to secure your copy here on

That's all for now stay tuned for updates! Catch you all later!

-Pat (Celtichorn/Caranyx)

P.s. In case you haven't heard Luth and I are tying the knot :)....hurray!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Pat's from Celtichorn Productions

As the title says on this fun loving, green beer drinking day, I wish you the all the very happiest of St. Patrick's Day! Today's the day to grab your buds and hit the pub and have some hash! Also if your bored do as I do and spend the whole day trying to find other things that you cant turn green, i.e. coffee, the water dispenser, and yes of course the beer!

Also, no worries if you haven't been seeing much activity from the Halolympics end, we've had a few troublesome postponements on the new videos schecduled to come out last month, (I'm getting married lol) but rest assured the new course is being given extra attention as a result, and so far it looks pretty damn cool if I may say so!

Well have a good one!

-Pat (Celtichorn)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hey guys, sorry to say I am running a bit behind on the HG Halolympics, I have been flooded with a ton of things on my plate and haven't really had the time to put together a worthwhile course.

In the meantime however, I have gone ahead and started to upload the HGvsDT Christmas Special. The reason for the delay of the Christmas Special is simply this, I wasn't planning on uploading it. Orginally it was made (in five days...ugh sleep depreviation) for my friends as a fun christmas project.

So after thinking about it a bit (about the length of a cup of coffee), I figured "eh what the hell" so if you see some oddities in the videos, i.e. the difference in the personalities of the characes, you will get to see a small glimpse into the actual personalites of the people my characters are based on.

Well hope you have some fun watching it, and make sure to stay tuned as the new year will be full of brand new episodes of all my machinima works.

Thanks again


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If your a fan of the music of HGvsDT feel encouraged to drop some love to one of my hero's "Reticent Soul"