Thursday, September 23, 2010

News Update: 09/23/10

Well hello there,

As I am sure many of you have noticed there hasn’t been any activity from in the Halo machinima aspect of Celtichorn Productions. This has mainly been due to a lack of free time, and other film productions I am working on for some friends, unfortunately right now its hard to find the time to actually machinimate the sequences of film need for making a decent looking film ( I say decent because I don’t really my consider my filming skills quite more than passable).

However, I will say that I have scripts written, new ideas, and even a HG Halolympics obstacle course just sitting on my hard drive waiting to be used. I do see small breaks in the future where I should have some time to work on some stuff, and hopefully present it before the end of the year (as if people still care :P) and should have a new episode of HG Kill-A-Thon following the new transition to Halo: Reach (which is amazing) and hopefully a new episode of HGvsDT. I definitely want to finish the story for those few people who have been really super awesome and have asked to know what happens. I give you a lot of credit for putting up with it and actually wanting to see the end, but even if it is those few people, they are definitely worth wrapping it up which would be about another four-five more episodes.

Hopefully this explains the hiatus, now back to hours of Halo:Reach

-Pat (Celtichorn/Caranyx)

P.S. Nothing is for sure yet, but I might actually have a important announcement to make for Celtichorn Productions. If your interested in all my shenanigans make sure you keep an eye on my posts for the next few weeks.

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