Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hey guys, sorry to say I am running a bit behind on the HG Halolympics, I have been flooded with a ton of things on my plate and haven't really had the time to put together a worthwhile course.

In the meantime however, I have gone ahead and started to upload the HGvsDT Christmas Special. The reason for the delay of the Christmas Special is simply this, I wasn't planning on uploading it. Orginally it was made (in five days...ugh sleep depreviation) for my friends as a fun christmas project.

So after thinking about it a bit (about the length of a cup of coffee), I figured "eh what the hell" so if you see some oddities in the videos, i.e. the difference in the personalities of the characes, you will get to see a small glimpse into the actual personalites of the people my characters are based on.

Well hope you have some fun watching it, and make sure to stay tuned as the new year will be full of brand new episodes of all my machinima works.

Thanks again


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