Thursday, June 18, 2009

About Celtichorn

Well, it has occurred to me that I have never really introduced myself. I figured this might be an issue given that I am randomly throwing out videos and having a lot of fun making them. My name is Patrick or Pat, I also have been known to go by Celtichorn. Celtichorn is basically a name I picked up as a kid, I was made aware of my Irish heritage and everything about it was just awesome to me. Also, it’s another name for a Celtic Demon known as Carnyx, (Where as my xbox live gamer tag is caranyx I changed it a bit). To be honest I am more infatuated with watching other people’s videos than my own.

I figure I made mine, I know what type of messages and symbols I am trying to make but I like to know what makes others tick. I am just fascinated with any types of cinematography and I don’t really care if it’s a totally ridiculous movie because I am more interested in why certain directors chose to do the scenes they did, you know the “why did they do that angle? What emotion are they trying to convey? How does that progress the story?” I’m betting the first time anyone sees any of my stuff it looks almost identical to everything else that is out there, but to be honest this is more of a fun pastime hobby to me rather than people’s odd obsession with wanting to show themselves being blown up all the time and in different ways.

The whole “Honor Guard vs. The Drill Team” series was inspired by a long standing joke I had with me and five of my best friends when we were all back in high school ROTC. In the series the antagonist is named Sgt. Major named after one of our Army Instructors because he was in charge of another division of the ROTC called the Armed Drill Team. My friends and I were on the “Honor Guard” or saber team and we and they had a healthy rivalry. I use the videos to kind of reminisce those old days and pick fun at both of us. I will have to say this though Sgt. Major was practically my hero in high school, I never met anyone so selfless and self sacrificing to his job as he was, and although I use him as the main antagonist in reality he is possibly the coolest man I’ve ever met. Well hopefully if anybody actually reads this you have gained a small insight as to the vids I make. I will probably update with more background info like this for the heck of it.
-Patrick (Celtichorn)

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